Coconut Powder

Interesting Facts About Desiccated Coconut Powder

Desiccated coconut powder is made from fresh coconuts. They are snow white, with crisp clouds of dust of coconut that add a freshness, sweetness and a pleasant taste when added to different cuisines. Desiccated coconut powder is a major component used in the preparation of different Indian cuisines. Since it is the dried form of coconut, the freshness is retained, and there’s no chance of the same getting damaged even after being exposed to extreme temperatures for long.

You will experience the taste of desiccated coconut in different Asian, Indian and other dishes. With this form of coconut, Indian desserts are also prepared.

How is desiccated coconut powder obtained?

Coconuts have a hard exterior; hence the same is cracked open first, and the water is drained out. The flesh of the coconut is then taken out and left to dry out. With the help of desiccated coconut powder machines, the same is then blended to produce crisp and fine-textured powder for different culinary purposes.

The major trick of this process is to keep the flesh of the coconut exposed to the right type of temperature. This allows the moisture content to dry out completely. The coconut powder will not get a crisp texture if the moisture doesn’t dry up properly.

Benefits of using desiccated coconut powder

  • The major benefit of desiccated coconut powder is adding sweetness to different Indian and Asian cuisines. It is also added as an external topping on the sweet dishes.
  • Dried coconut flesh can be eaten as a part of a snack or can be easily added to the babies’ meals for growth and development.
  • This is also used in topping smoothies, shakes, sauteed vegetables and salads. The desiccated coconut can be added to the muesli, cookies and the cereals used in the breakfast.
  • South Indian cuisines generally use desiccated coconut powder for gravies.

Benefits of consuming desiccated coconut powder in cuisines

Apart from the freshness and good taste, coconut powder consumption helps keep your heart healthy. It improves the blood level in women, thereby preventing the occurrence of anaemia. Moreover, coconut is good for the skin. If consumed daily, it adds a glow and moisturising effect to the prevailing skin tone.

Coconut powder also contains antibacterial properties and helps to ease muscle stress. Hence, the consumption of coconut is good for health.

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