Virgin Coconut Oil Machinery

A Comprehensive Guide to Select a Virgin Coconut Oil Manufacturer

Virgin coconut oil is a by-product of coconut enriched with different nutrients and minerals. Apart from preparing food, virgin coconut oil has other uses too. Most consumers buy oil from a dedicated manufacturer to get the finest quality.

Several Factors to Consider:

Though every manufacturer claims they provide the purest virgin oil, one should be very careful in choosing. Consumers should confirm whether their manufacturer uses virgin coconut oil machinery to extract the oil. There are other factors to consider, which one can find discussed in this blog.

How to Select a Virgin Coconut Oil Manufacturer?

Characteristics of the Oil: When a manufacturer produces virgin coconut oil with dedicated machinery, the oil possesses a few characteristics. The customer should definitely look for these. Some characteristics include aroma, texture, skin absorption and percentage of preservatives used.

Preservation of the Coconuts: To produce fresh coconut oil, the manufacturer should not keep the coconuts on the sideline for long. The coconuts should be processed within 48 hours of plucking. One would not get the same aroma and freshness from oil made of aged coconuts.

Types of Coconut Oil Produced: By using specific coconut oil-producing machinery, the manufacturer can produce various types of oil. You should ask about the manufacturing process they follow. You should first note the three commonly available virgin coconut oils: Fermented, Cold Pressed, and Fresh Centrifuged. Knowing the type of coconut oil will help you determine the type of oil that your market needs.

These are some vital things that you must ask your virgin coconut oil manufacturer. If you are looking for a source of virgin coconut oil machinery, you can contact Gemtech Projects LLP. We are one of the leading manufacturers of these machines. These can help you with a high production rate and quality control. Visit our website to learn more about our business.

Coconut Powder

Is Daily Consumption of Desiccated Coconut Powder Good for Health?

In a country like India, a plant-based diet is very popular. As a result, you can find people are dependent on different natural agents like fruits and vegetables. Coconut is one of the most common natural resources found in foods around different corners of the country.

Wide Consumption of Coconuts:

The optimum food value of coconut has made it a popular option for food. People consume it in different ways. One of the popular variants of coconut in regular food is desiccated coconut powder. It is used to prepare different foods, from sweets to curries.

How is Desiccated Coconut Powder Beneficial for Health?

Using desiccated coconut machinery is integral to obtaining coconut powder with a smooth texture. Here, you will find a detailed discussion about how regular consumption of coconut powder can be beneficial for your health.

  • Beneficial in Shedding Extra Weight: Looking for the perfect physique that complements your body shape? Then you should definitely go for desiccated coconut powder. Coconut is filled with dietary fibre, which helps in better digestion and keeps you full for a long time. So you would not feel like snacking frequently. Fibre also plays an important role in reducing your belly fat.
  • Rich in Iron: Coconut is a good source of iron, which helps in the formation of red blood cells. You should consume coconut powder if you suffer from anaemia. Red blood cells are integral in transporting oxygen to internal organs like the lungs.
  • Reduces the Chance of Bone Issues: Coconut contains different types of fatty acids, which are beneficial in strengthening your bones. As a result, you will not face serious problems like osteoporosis and arthritis. Coconut powder is also anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It can prevent the symptoms of bone problems from getting worse.

When you keep desiccated coconut powder in your regular diet, you can remain assured of experiencing these health benefits. To get quality coconut powder instantly, you can visit a trustworthy source like Gemtech Projects LLP. We are one of the leading producers of desiccated coconut machinery in India. For more details about our machinery, contact us today.

Coconut Powder

How Desiccated Coconut Powder is Important in Everyday Nutrition?

When it comes to sweetening foods, most opt for sugar. Surely, it makes the food sweet and nice, but there are many pitfalls. Sugar is extremely harmful to our bodies, which is a primary reason for many health problems. To lead a healthy life, it is important to use natural substitutes for sugar in daily food.

Coconut Replacing Sugar:

Coconut has become one of the popular replacements as a sweetening agent for food. It is 100% naturally sourced, contains no harmful chemicals, and goes well with our health. From sweet dishes to curries, you can use coconut in its powdered form.

How to Use Coconut Powder in Day-to-day Foods?

To get the finest quality coconut powder, it is important to collaborate with a renowned desiccated coconut powder manufacturer. In this blog, you can learn more about using coconut powder in your daily foods.

  • Great for Lactose Intolerant: There are many people who cannot consume milk or milk-based products due to lactose intolerance. For them, the milk produced from desiccated coconut powder can be a great substitution. It has a great shelf life, and unlike dairy, it doesn’t need to be stored inside a fridge. It can be a perfect option for vegan activists as well.
  • Perfect Item for Baking: As a natural substitute for sugar, coconut powders can also be used to make delicious cakes and pies. It gives consistency to the cake’s rich flavour and helps you to bake without any worries about sugar intake. By using coconut powders, you can be sure of getting more nutrients in your cake.
  • Add flavour to the curries: In Indian recipes, curries are a staple food that can be found in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. It is known for its rich, creamy texture and awesome flavour. To make the gravy of the curry thicker, you can add desiccated coconut powder.
  • Make Your Smoothie More Energetic: Being a natural energiser, coconut can add more taste and nutrients to your morning smoothie. If you like your morning drink to be sweet, then you can ditch the sugar for coconut powder. All you need to do is to add the powder inside the blender along with the other ingredients.

These are some options that you can try to make your foods much more nutritious and energetic. To manufacture consistent, evenly churned-out powder, consider contacting Gemtech Projects LLP. We are a leading name in desiccated coconut powder manufacture. For more details, you can visit our website today.

Coconut Fibre

Time to Learn More about Different Types of Coconut Fibres

Coconut coir or coconut fibre is a highly useful substance with different uses. You can find these in various places, from manufacturing coir mattresses to gardening. It is a popular item that is sourced naturally with better longevity.

Fibres according to Colours:

Typically, there are two types of coconut fibres: brown and white. The brown ones are made from matured coconuts, while the white fibres are sourced from ripe immature coconuts. Nowadays, coconut fibre machinery manufacturers have made the obtaining process much easier.

Types of Coconut Fibres Available in Market:

There are different types of coconut fibres that have varied usages. More about these fibres are discussed in this blog. One can find more information primarily about the brown fibres.

Coconut Pith: Coconut pith or peat is the ground version of coconut coir. It is fine and absorbent, making it a suitable growing medium for plants. It can be mixed with soil to offer a better growing medium. However, if coconut peat is used as the sole medium for growth, the root of the plant may get submerged. The gardeners and plant enthusiasts invest a considerable amount of time in selecting the finest coconut pith for their use.

Coconut Fibres: This is the most important by-product of coconut that finds wide usage in various fields. It is not much absorbent, so it is the perfect item to make different items, including coir mattresses. It is the raw form of coconut fibre that needs to be dried before use. Coconut fibre is also an underrated growing medium for plants.

Coconut Chips: The smaller bits and chips of coconut are another by-product of coconut fibre. It looks a lot like expanded clay pellets. They have a solid shape and are unable to be used to manufacture any industrial product. However, a mixture between coconut chips and coconut fibres makes a better growing field for plants. In India, coconut chips are used as a cheap alternative to fuel for cooking. It is popular as incense too.

These are the three primary versions of coconut fibres commonly found in the market. The items are valuable in various industries for their varied usages. Those looking for a way to obtain coconut fibre in bulk should contact a trusted name like Gemtech Projects LLP. They are a well-known name as a Coconut Fibre Machinery Manufacturer. Their team can assist in choosing machinery that matches customer choice perfectly. For more details, one can visit their website today.

Coconut Fibre

Interesting Facts about Coconut Fibre Machinery

Coconuts offer such high nutrition benefits of juice, oil and meat that it has taken care of and fed a huge number of populaces all over the planet. This profoundly nutritious superfood is still the staple nourishment until this exact second. Coconuts consist of 61% dietary fibre, which already indicates the amazing of consuming this great superfood.

Coconut has a low glycaemic record (GI), implying that it dials back the arrival of glucose in your blood and requires less insulin to adjust your glucose levels and convert it into energy.

Advantages of coconut water –

  • Incredible for hydration
  • It has cooling consequences for your body.
  • Dispense with the aggravation of kidney stones through batting Nano-microbes and the development of awful calcium in your kidneys.
  • Utilised blood plasma substitute since it’s sterile and acknowledged by the body.
  • Great nutrition source for infants.
  • Improves muscle and physical growth in children.
  • Prevents and eases cholera through the presence of organic sodium and albumin in the coconut water.

Advantages of coconut oils –

  • Further, develop your stomach-related framework and ingested amino acids and fat- dissolvable nutrients.
  • Further, develop glucose levels and decline side effects of hypoglycaemia.
  • Assist your body with engrossing magnesium and calcium more.
  • Help to adjust and uphold sound chemical capabilities.
  • Increment in your digestion will assist you with shedding pounds and feeling more stimulated.
  • Upholds your cardiovascular framework and contains no cholesterol.
  • Increment in your digestion will assist you with shedding pounds and feeling more stimulated.
  • Working on thyroid capability will assist your body with shaking off the overabundance of weight and poisons.

For those reasons, coconut fibre machinery is very useful. At Gemtech Projects LLP, we have established an enviable reputation as a leading Coconut Fibre Machinery manufacturer in India. To know more, visit our website.

Coconut Fibre

Manufacturing Coconut Fibre Made Easier with Specialised Machinery

Coconut fibre, also known as coir, is an eco-friendly and beneficial item which finds various usages. It is easy to obtain and budget-friendly, making it popular worldwide. Coconut fibre is known for its versatility, flexibility and stability.

Use of Coconut Fibre:

Many choose coconut fibre as a sustainable option. In India, it is common to find brooms, ropes and cushion stuffing made of coconut fibre. The extraction of coir from coconut is a tedious task. Manufacturers use modern machinery to make this work easier.

How Can Coconut Fibre Machinery Ease the Task?

In this blog, one can get the process of manufacturing coir through coconut fibre machinery. They can learn how the different processes have been made easier with mechanical assistance.

  1. Harvesting and Husking: This is the first stage for manufacturing coconut fibre. The mature tree-borne coconuts are selected for processing. Many also take green coconuts for processing, but it needs to be dried for at least a month. Before taking a coconut for manufacturing coir, one must separate its fleshy portion from the outer shell. Using modern machinery, one can process at least two thousand coconuts per hour.
  2. Retting: In this stage, the husk of the coconut is stored to stimulate the growth of microorganisms. The method of retting varies according to the coconut’s ripeness. If one selects a fully grown matured coconut, they should go for freshwater retting. Saline water retting is suitable for green coconuts. If one wishes to accelerate the retting process, they can use well-developed machinery.
  3. De-fibre: To obtain coconut fibre, separating the husk from the outer surface is important. Traditionally, one uses a mallet made of wood or metal to do this task. After the fibre is obtained from the coconut, they are washed to remove dirt. After washing, they are combed and tumbled in a perforated drum. After this process, they are put out to the sun for drying.
  4. Packing: The fibres which would be processed later are bundled for storage. The task of packing can be made easier with modern machinery. Coconut processing industries use hydraulic processes to produce compact bales. By using machinery, one can easily twine the fibres to make ropes.

By using modern machinery, all these steps can be made easier. One has to contact a reputed manufacturer to get these. Gemtech Projects LLP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of coconut fibre machinery. They can provide highly functional machinery to ease the work of manufacturing fibre. One can visit their website for more details.

Coconut Powder

Interesting Facts About Desiccated Coconut Powder

Desiccated coconut powder is made from fresh coconuts. They are snow white, with crisp clouds of dust of coconut that add a freshness, sweetness and a pleasant taste when added to different cuisines. Desiccated coconut powder is a major component used in the preparation of different Indian cuisines. Since it is the dried form of coconut, the freshness is retained, and there’s no chance of the same getting damaged even after being exposed to extreme temperatures for long.

You will experience the taste of desiccated coconut in different Asian, Indian and other dishes. With this form of coconut, Indian desserts are also prepared.

How is desiccated coconut powder obtained?

Coconuts have a hard exterior; hence the same is cracked open first, and the water is drained out. The flesh of the coconut is then taken out and left to dry out. With the help of desiccated coconut powder machines, the same is then blended to produce crisp and fine-textured powder for different culinary purposes.

The major trick of this process is to keep the flesh of the coconut exposed to the right type of temperature. This allows the moisture content to dry out completely. The coconut powder will not get a crisp texture if the moisture doesn’t dry up properly.

Benefits of using desiccated coconut powder

  • The major benefit of desiccated coconut powder is adding sweetness to different Indian and Asian cuisines. It is also added as an external topping on the sweet dishes.
  • Dried coconut flesh can be eaten as a part of a snack or can be easily added to the babies’ meals for growth and development.
  • This is also used in topping smoothies, shakes, sauteed vegetables and salads. The desiccated coconut can be added to the muesli, cookies and the cereals used in the breakfast.
  • South Indian cuisines generally use desiccated coconut powder for gravies.

Benefits of consuming desiccated coconut powder in cuisines

Apart from the freshness and good taste, coconut powder consumption helps keep your heart healthy. It improves the blood level in women, thereby preventing the occurrence of anaemia. Moreover, coconut is good for the skin. If consumed daily, it adds a glow and moisturising effect to the prevailing skin tone.

Coconut powder also contains antibacterial properties and helps to ease muscle stress. Hence, the consumption of coconut is good for health.

For the best-quality desiccated coconut Dryer, approach Gemtech Projects LLP. Our pieces of machinery are built with high-end technologies and meet all industrial requirements. To know more check our website.

Coconut Powder

How Does a Machinery Help to Produce Desiccated Coconut Powder?

Coconut is a crop that has numerous by-products. The abundance of vital nutrients makes it highly beneficial for our health. It is why it is consumed in different forms. Powdered coconut is a popular by-product that is becoming a replacement for sugar.

Why Consume Coconut Powder?

Coconut powder finds high usage in the food processing industry. It is used in producing biscuits, cakes and other sweetmeats. A quality coconut producing machinery is useful for getting high-fat and low-fat desiccated coconut powder.

Process of Manufacturing Desiccated Coconut Powder:

To produce desiccated coconut powder in bulk, you should use high-end machinery. This blog provides you with the full details of the manufacturing process.

  • Taking matured coconut is essential to produce a fine quality powder. You should store the coconut with husk for a month. This will help you to get the dry kernels. In this process, the kernels will get separated from the inner wall.
  • After the storage process, you have to dehusk the coconuts. Take out the dried kernel from the inner wall and cut it into pieces. You can do this task easily if you have coconut processing machinery.
  • When the processing is done, you can put the cut pieces into the desiccated coconut powder machinery. The machinery allows you to choose the grade of the powder. Maintain a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit to get a consistent result.
  • You can get the desiccated coconut powder after this process. It is important that you dry the powder evenly. Put it into a dryer and spread the powder uniformly on the tray. It will result in getting finely powdered coconut.
  • The powder, after coming from the processor, will be extremely hot. Cool it properly and then send it for packaging. Make sure that the packets are moisture-proof and oilproof.

By following these steps, you can get quality desiccated coconut powder. Using a machine makes the processing easier. It can offer you a bulk amount as well.

Gemtech Projects LLP is a trusted source where you can get high-end desiccated coconut powder machinery. They are the largest producer and exporter of these machines. Get high fat and low-fat coconut powder easily by using their machine.

Coconut Powder Gemtech Projects LLP

Top Food Items Where You Can Use Desiccated Coconut Powder

Desiccated coconut powder is the fine by-product of coconut. It tastes delicious and has numerous health benefits. For these reasons, coconut powder is used in many foods. Many consider it a healthy replacement for sugar.

Foods to Try with Desiccated Coconut Powder

One can produce numerous sweets and desserts by using fine coconut powder. The sweet taste of the desserts will remain unchanged even after it gets added to the dishes. We give you an idea of some of the delicious foods produced with coconut powder.

  1. Coconut Ladoos: Ladoo is a popular Indian sweet that gets modified and made by different grains and fruits. A tasty twist would be to make it with gram flour and coconut milk. One can sprinkle the desiccated coconut powder on top for garnishing.
  2. Coconut Milk: The finely powdered coconut can be a great item to produce coconut milk. The milk does not alter the original taste of cow milk and can be used in different food items. It is also a vegan option for consuming milk.
  3. Macaroons: Macaroons are colourful desserts that have high sugar content. It can get a healthy makeover when we use coconut powder. Everybody can enjoy coconut macaroons without worrying about diabetes or other health complications.
  4. Oatmeal: There are very few healthier options for breakfast than oatmeal. And when it is sprinkled with grated coconuts on top, it tastes heavenly. The oatmeal dish can also be complemented with fresh fruits.
  5. Quinoa Bars: Muesli bars are a hit with the health freaks. The bar is created by different nuts, grains and fruits that can keep you charged up all over the day. Coconut powders can be a great addition to muesli bars and quinoa bars, as it acts as an extra dose of power.

Get Fine Powder from Gemtech Projects LLP

Getting hold of desiccated coconut powder in bulk can be a tedious affair. To eliminate this problem, one can choose Gemtech Projects LLP. We are responsible for providing low fat and high fat desiccated coconut to numerous clients worldwide. Visit our website to know more about us.

Desiccated coconut powder can be a great option for maintaining healthy eating habits. The best thing is one can consume it in different ways without using a pinch of sugar. One should definitely try the dishes mentioned here for a tasty experience.

Coconut Fibre Coconut Machinery Gemtech Projects LLP

Know About the Types of Coconut Processing Machinery Available at Gemtech Projects LLP

Experts use coconut processing machinery for the production of coconut fibre, or coco coir. It is an organic compound, which the operatives extract from the husk of the coconut. The manufacturer uses the choir to make baskets, mats, mattresses and brushes. Therefore, it is beneficial for long term use and comes with a range of exclusive benefits.

At Gemtech Projects LLP, we are a leading supplier of engineered coconut machinery. We have acquired the highest market share as an exporter of coconut machinery. Our machinery is highly resourceful. It ensures superior production of desiccated coconut powder with suitable fat content. This makes our product safe and healthy for consumption among the masses.

Types of Coconut Machinery to Look Out For

At Gemtech Projects LLP, we have a range of machinery such as the following – 

  • Dryers
  • Desiccated coconut machinery
  • Virgin oil extraction machines
  • Coconut fibre machinery
  • Coconut water extraction machines
  • Coconut milk machinery

 In this blog, we will discuss these types in detail.

  1. Deshelling Machine

This model has an overall capacity of deshelling 350 to 425 nuts every hour. The capacity and the speed range is between 6-7 nuts every minute. It has a safety cover and an easy-adjust drive unit. You can make other adjustments too as per requirement.

  2. Decapping or Pre-Cutter Machine

This machine is effective in cutting coconuts into two halves. The accessibility is 3–4-piece coconut. The machine operates under high-grade technology and demands little maintenance. The cutting knife is made from stainless steel, and there is a discharge hopper as well.

  3. Desiccated Coconut Cutter / Desiccated Coconut Grinder

The machine has an enormous capacity of desiccating about 1000 kgs of moist coconut meat per hour. The operation is easy, and you can adjust it as per the size requirement. There is an automatic feed presser machine with a feed screw.

  4. Band Dryer

This machinery has efficient technology, which helps in the mass production of desiccated coconut. The band dryer has a capacity of 1600 kgs. You can use it to make coconut powder, chips, virgin coconut oil etc.

Other Products

For Coconut Fibre Extraction, we have- 

  • Fibre Screener
  • Coconut Peat Screener 
  • Fibre Ball Press
  • Crusher
  • Hackling Machine

There is the Virgin Coconut Oil Machinery available in different models.

  • Coconut Milk Extractor
  • Centrifuge
  • Vacuum Dryer
  • Stainless-Steel Vibrating Machine

We are the proud suppliers of Coconut Drilling Machines, Coconut Water Asceptic Plant, Coconut Water Chiller and more.