Desiccated Coconut Machinery

EM Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd is world’s largest manufacturer and exporter of Desiccated Coconut Machinery. GEM is highly recognized by the Engineering Export Promotion Council under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. GEM commands the highest share of the export market for coconut machinery from India. GEM has the resources and infrastructure to undertake complete projects for the manufacture of High Fat Desiccated Coconut and Low Fat Desiccated Coconut on a turnkey basis. GEM has numerous overseas installations of its desiccated coconut machinery to its credit, which includes Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Fiji, Mozambique, Mexico, Ivory Coast etc.


Nut counter

capacity upto 300 nuts per machine

deshelling machine

Deshelling machine

capacity 350 nuts - 425 nuts per hour

Pre cutter

Pre cutter (decapping machine)

it cuts coconut into 2 equal halves

screw conv

Screw conveyor

fully stainless steel screw conveyor with washing arrangement.

Steam blancher

Steam blancher

unique design for efficient sterilisation of white coconut meat

Desiccated coconut cutter

Desiccated coconut cutter / desiccated coconut grinder

capacity upto 1000 kgs of wet coconut meat per hour.

jumbo VFBD

Vibratory fluid bed dryer - 4 models available.

• Junior vfbd 250 - 300 kgs of made desiccated coconut per hour
• Standard vfbd 500 - 550 kgs of made desiccated coconut per hour
• Jumbo vfbd 700 - 800 kgs of made desiccated coconut per hour
• Super jumbo 850 - 1000 kgs of made desiccated coconut per hour

combination dryer

Combination fluid bed dryer

Unique tray type fluidized bed technology to dry desiccated up to 1000 kgs/hr. various sizes and models available depending upon customer’s requirements. Suitable for desiccated coconut powder, coconut chips, desiccated coconut threads, copra, virgin coconut oil dc.

Band dryer

Band dryer

highly efficient technology for massive production of desiccated coconut. Gem manufactures band dryer of capacity upto 1600 kgs/hour. Also suitable for desiccated coconut chips, threads, copra, virgin coconut oil production.

Vibratory cooling table

Vibratory cooling table

simple yet robust machine for cooling desiccated coconut.

Static cooling table

Static cooling table

high capacity machine upto 1000 kgs of made desiccated coconut per hour for cooling desiccated coconut after dryer.

grading machine

Grading machine

simple grading machine for capacity upto 500 kgs / hr

vibratory sorting machine

Vibratory sorting machine

highly efficient grading machine for capacity upto 1500 kgs/hour.