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What are the Best Methods for Extracting Virgin Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is a healthy alternative to the other types of oil readily available in the market. It contains different nutrients and minerals that help overall health development. Apart from cooking, oil is also popular in manufacturing cosmetics.

The Demand for Virgin Coconut Oil:

In the current age, one can find a rising popularity of virgin coconut oil. It has slowly become a go-to choice, along with regular coconut oil. The extraction process is vital in manufacturing virgin coconut oil. It plays a pivotal role in determining the overall quality of the oil.

To learn more about the most reliable virgin oil extraction methods, read the following part of the blog.

Popular Coconut Oil Extraction Processes:

While there are different methods for extracting oil from coconut, two methods stand out. We are talking about hot extraction and cold extraction processes. These two are the most popular and conventional ways to get the finest virgin coconut oil. You can find details about the two processes below:

  • Hot Extraction Process: This process involves heat treatment of coconut by-products. The machinery’s role is to press the fresh, clean ground coconut. This brings out the coconut milk, which is then treated at a higher temperature. After heat treatment, the milk evaporates, leaving the helpful nutrients behind.
  • Cold Extraction: In this method, the extracted coconut milk is destabilised to manufacture the oil. It does not involve the usage of heat. Instead of heating, the coconut oil is extracted through specialised procedures. These include fermentation, enzymatic, chilling and thawing.

Which is More Effective?

If you want to find the most effective out of the two, hot extraction is much more popular than the cold process. The right type of coconut oil extraction machinery can help you efficiently extract the nutritious by-product. You must visit a well-known manufacturer to find the right kind of coconut oil extraction machinery.

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Virgin Coconut Oil Machinery

A Comprehensive Guide to Select a Virgin Coconut Oil Manufacturer

Virgin coconut oil is a by-product of coconut enriched with different nutrients and minerals. Apart from preparing food, virgin coconut oil has other uses too. Most consumers buy oil from a dedicated manufacturer to get the finest quality.

Several Factors to Consider:

Though every manufacturer claims they provide the purest virgin oil, one should be very careful in choosing. Consumers should confirm whether their manufacturer uses virgin coconut oil machinery to extract the oil. There are other factors to consider, which one can find discussed in this blog.

How to Select a Virgin Coconut Oil Manufacturer?

Characteristics of the Oil: When a manufacturer produces virgin coconut oil with dedicated machinery, the oil possesses a few characteristics. The customer should definitely look for these. Some characteristics include aroma, texture, skin absorption and percentage of preservatives used.

Preservation of the Coconuts: To produce fresh coconut oil, the manufacturer should not keep the coconuts on the sideline for long. The coconuts should be processed within 48 hours of plucking. One would not get the same aroma and freshness from oil made of aged coconuts.

Types of Coconut Oil Produced: By using specific coconut oil-producing machinery, the manufacturer can produce various types of oil. You should ask about the manufacturing process they follow. You should first note the three commonly available virgin coconut oils: Fermented, Cold Pressed, and Fresh Centrifuged. Knowing the type of coconut oil will help you determine the type of oil that your market needs.

These are some vital things that you must ask your virgin coconut oil manufacturer. If you are looking for a source of virgin coconut oil machinery, you can contact Gemtech Projects LLP. We are one of the leading manufacturers of these machines. These can help you with a high production rate and quality control. Visit our website to learn more about our business.

Coconut Machinery Virgin Coconut Oil Machinery

What Are the Different Methods of Coconut Processing?

The processing of coconuts is done in the manufacturing units by the experts. It is done for the purpose of selling a variety of coconut products in the market. The manufacturers use advanced machinery like the desiccated coconut dryer to process coconut into edible food items. The value-added items include coconut milk, coconut oil, dried/desiccated coconut, choir and more.

Different Coconut Processing Techniques

The manufacturers rely on the latest varieties of coconut machinery to efficiently process the coconut fruit. It includes the following –

1. Coconut Dehusking

This process involves separating the coconut husk by using the dehusking machine.

2. Coconut Deshelling

In this process, the manufacturers crack the outer shell of the coconut fruit. They do this after dehusking the coconut. The most preferred technique is utilising the coconut deshelling machine, which is well equipped with the latest features.

3. Coconut Pairing

It is the procedure of scraping or removing the brown skin of the coconut after cutting the kernel into pieces. For this, the manufacturers use the coconut pairing machine.

4. Coconut Grinding

At the factory, the experts ground the coconut to a smooth paste which is the desiccated coconut. For this, you can rely on coconut grinding machinery.

5. Coconut Milk Extraction

The experts will squeeze the shredded or grinded coconut to extract milk during the process. For this, they will utilise the coconut milk extraction machine.

6. Virgin Coconut Oil Extracting

The manufacturers extract virgin coconut oil by employing two methods- centrifuge and fermentation. They also use virgin coconut oil machinery in India.

They use a high-speed centrifuge to segregate the virgin coconut oil from raw coconut milk. In the fermentation method, they keep the coconut milk for 24 hours to ferment it. The process is natural, and the virgin coconut oil floats on the top. Then they will scoop out this layer of the oil and filter it.

Processing of Desiccated Coconut Powder

You can obtain this by drying or shredding the dried coconut kernel after removing the brown testa. The manufacturers will grate the coconut into fine-sized particles, which can be small, medium or coarse grade. It is dried to remove maximum moisture content. This is further responsible for increasing its shelf life. The powder is the kernel of the coconut or the unsweetened fresh meat with a sweet aroma.

The process of making desiccated coconut involves the following stages-

• Dehusking
• Deshelling
• Paring
• Coconut White Meat
• Coconut Meat Slicing
• Blanching
• Draining
• Disintegration
• Drying

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Virgin Coconut Oil Machinery

Know About the Top Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

There is no doubt to the fact that coconut oil has numerous benefits for human health. However, adulteration has drastically impacted its quality and nutrient core. This is why the unrefined, less processed variant of coconut oil is on the rise. It is virgin or extra virgin coconut oil. The manufacturers extract it from fresh coconut milk using the virgin coconut oil machinery in India. They leave it unrefined to maintain the oil’s nutritional value.  

Since the virgin coconut oil is unbleached, it retains the natural aroma and freshness of coconut. It undergoes several methods like fermentation, churning and cold compression to get a good quality of virgin oil.  

Health Benefits of Virgin Oil

  • Keep the cholesterol in check

The human body needs cholesterol to build healthy cells. But in larger quantity, it will have adverse effects on your heart. Virgin coconut oil is rich in the right kind of fatty acids. It is an excellent source of energy and helps burn body fats. This is why you should cook your food using this oil. It will reduce several health risks of the individual.  

  • Control diabetes 

It would be best if you used cold-pressed virgin coconut oil to cook your daily meals. It fastens the secretion of insulin without causing a spike. It reduces strain on the pancreas and makes for an independent energy source for the body.  

  • Help with weight loss

Your diet plays a crucial role in getting accurate results out of exercising. To keep your calories in control, consider replacing the regular oil with cold-pressed virgin coconut oil extracted using the virgin coconut oil machinery in India. It is packed with Vit E, antioxidants, polyphenols to maintain the hormonal levels of the body. It is free from saturated fats, which is why it fastens the process of weight loss.

  • Heal wounds and injuries 

Virgin coconut has lauric acid that helps strengthen the body’s immune system. It speeds up the healing process by increasing collagen levels. Your body becomes effective in fighting against bacteria and viruses. The anti-bacterial properties of the oil lower the body’s risk of catching infections.

  • Prevent teeth problems

The use of virgin coconut oil prevents gum diseases and tooth decay. Its strong anti-bacterial properties facilitate calcium absorption and kill all bacteria inside the mouth. The oil helps you heal faster from periodontal diseases.

  • Treat arthritis

Virgin coconut oil is rich in antioxidants. It helps reduce inflammation and treat arthritis problems. By including this oil in your daily schedule, you opt for a healthier lifestyle. The natural antibiotic elements of this oil modulate the body’s immune system. 

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Coconut Milk Machinery Gemtech Projects LLP Virgin Coconut Oil Machinery

Extraction Methods of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil is one of the most popular forms of coconut oil that has high demand in food and health markets. The use of virgin coconut oil can be seen in both the food and skincare industry. People use this oil to prepare healthy foods and take care of their skin with the same.

To make the most use of this natural product, the proper procedure of extraction plays a vital role. Therefore, you need to buy the best quality Virgin Coconut Oil Machinery in India for seamless and efficient extraction. 

Different Methods of Coconut Oil Extractions

There are various methods of extracting oil from coconut. However, cold and hot extractions are the two most popular, oldest and conventional types of procedures. 

  • Hot Extraction Process of Coconut Oil 

This process involves pressing the clean, fresh and ground coconut to yield the milk out of it. Later the process is followed by heating that milk at a high temperature to remove the helpful micronutrient.

  • Cold Extraction Process of Coconut Oil

The extraction of coconut oil is done through a certain method of destabilization of coconut milk emulsion without the use of heat. Instead of heating, methods like fermentation, enzymatic, chilling and thawing are used to extract the oil.

As per the industry expert, the hot process is more useful and efficient than the cold one. However, you need to have the right machinery to get the desired result of all your effort. The manufacturers of coconut oil extraction machines design and develop them to make the entire process easy, fast and safe for you.

How to Choose the Right Machine?

To choose the right coconut oil extraction machine from the market, you need to focus on a few things.

  • Type of extraction method you need to use at your factory
  • The reputation of the manufacturer
  • The experience of the company that supplies you the machinery
  • Whether the company is recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India
  • The insurance and guarantee offered by the manufacturer for their machinery
  • The price of the equipment
  • The maintenance and repair services

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