Get Finest Quality Desiccated Coconut Powder from a Reliable Manufacturer

Gemtech Projects LLP has created a benchmark in supplying fine-quality coconut powder machinery. We are one of the leading businesses providing machinery to a diverse range of clients. As a Government approved manufacturer, we have a positive industrial reputation in India. Our machinery is highly efficient. Using it helps produce low-fat and high-fat desiccated coconut powder in bulk.

Diversified Use of Our Desiccated Coconut Powder:

When it comes to nutritional value, coconut powder is considered a superfood. It can be a suitable replacement for sugar. You can use it in various dishes, especially desserts. To produce the powder efficiently, you need to invest in our machinery. These are capable of processing coconut. It can also help in grinding it to a fine powder. As a result, you have to implement zero manual efforts in producing fresh and optimum-quality coconut powder.

Our Range of Coconut Powder Machinery:

When you inquire with us about desiccated coconut powder machinery, you can look at our wide range of machinery. These are rich in different features. You can use them in various applications. The best part of using them is the nutritional value of the coconut powder does not get altered due to machine treatment.

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Take a look at the different types of coconut powder machinery that we deal in:


deshelling machine

Deshelling Machine

Capacity 350 nuts - 425 nuts per hour

This machine plays a major role in de-shelling mature coconuts. It is highly efficient. To give an idea, you can shell six to seven nuts in a minute. It is easy to use, highly adjustable and needs less maintenance.

screw conv

Screw Conveyor

Fully stainless steel screw conveyor with washing arrangement.

Made from industrial-grade stainless steel, the conveyors are suitable for washing de-shelled coconuts. You can fit the machinery at any angle, and they are reliable in handling and lifting bulk materials.

Desiccated coconut cutter

Desiccated Coconut Cutter / Desiccated Coconut Grinder

Capacity upto 1000 kgs of wet coconut meat per hour.

It is vital equipment that helps treat coconut flesh. It has an extraordinary capacity of handling 1000 kg of wet coconut meat every hour. You can adjust the machinery according to the size of the coconut.

Steam blancher

Steam Blancher

A steam blancher is one of the important equipment in sterilizing white coconut meat. It is highly effective and proven to stop bacteria growth.

combination dryer

Combination Fluid Bed Dryer

Drying is a vital process in producing coconut powder. You can perform this task easily with our combination fluid bed dryer. It comes with fluidized bed technology, which makes the machine compatible with drying coconut powder at 1000 kg per hour.

If you have any queries regarding our highly efficient desiccated coconut powder machinery, feel free to contact us today.

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