Virgin Coconut Oil Machinery

What are the Best Methods for Extracting Virgin Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is a healthy alternative to the other types of oil readily available in the market. It contains different nutrients and minerals that help overall health development. Apart from cooking, oil is also popular in manufacturing cosmetics.

The Demand for Virgin Coconut Oil:

In the current age, one can find a rising popularity of virgin coconut oil. It has slowly become a go-to choice, along with regular coconut oil. The extraction process is vital in manufacturing virgin coconut oil. It plays a pivotal role in determining the overall quality of the oil.

To learn more about the most reliable virgin oil extraction methods, read the following part of the blog.

Popular Coconut Oil Extraction Processes:

While there are different methods for extracting oil from coconut, two methods stand out. We are talking about hot extraction and cold extraction processes. These two are the most popular and conventional ways to get the finest virgin coconut oil. You can find details about the two processes below:

  • Hot Extraction Process: This process involves heat treatment of coconut by-products. The machinery’s role is to press the fresh, clean ground coconut. This brings out the coconut milk, which is then treated at a higher temperature. After heat treatment, the milk evaporates, leaving the helpful nutrients behind.
  • Cold Extraction: In this method, the extracted coconut milk is destabilised to manufacture the oil. It does not involve the usage of heat. Instead of heating, the coconut oil is extracted through specialised procedures. These include fermentation, enzymatic, chilling and thawing.

Which is More Effective?

If you want to find the most effective out of the two, hot extraction is much more popular than the cold process. The right type of coconut oil extraction machinery can help you efficiently extract the nutritious by-product. You must visit a well-known manufacturer to find the right kind of coconut oil extraction machinery.

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