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Virgin Coconut Oil Machinery

Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is the latest, high value coconut product. World demand of Virgin Coconut Oil is rapidly increasing. Virgin Coconut Oil Production Machinery by Gem helps in production of VCO to meet prescribed standards and to be suitable for human consumption. Gem is supplying machines to Phillipines, Srilanka, Indonesia and Fiji for production of Virgin Coconut Oil. Gem manufactures small scale to large scale virgin coconut oil machinery.


Desiccated Coconut Cutter & Grinder

Capacity upto 1000 kgs/hr output of wet desiccated coconut



Stainless steel 304 Construction, enclosed design conveying the white disintrigatedcoconut meat for Drying.


Mini Dryer

Suitable for manufacturing Virgin Coconut Oil in low capacity. Coconut is fed into tray and put into the dryers for drying for specified duration at specified temperature.


Combination Dryer

This multipurpose dryer is manufactured with all contact parts made up of stainless steel. Its suitable for firing at low temperatures for manufacturing of Virgin Coconut Oil effectively. Gem manufactures the dryer in both high capacity and low capacity variants suitable to the clients needs. Output moisture content can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of tray conveyors.


Band Dryer

Its a multipurpose apron type dryer suitable for manufacturing Virgin Coconut Oil. Its customers ideal choice for manufacturing Virgin Coconut Oil in high capacity. Output moisture content can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the apron conveyors.




Virgin Coconut Oil Expeller

It comes in different variants and capacities to suit the customer needs. It starts from 25 litres per hour capacity. It comes with water cooling arrangement to avoid heating of the virgin coconut oil thus maintaining the quality required.


Filter Press

Gem manufactures PP Filter Press suitable for Virgin Coconut Oil Production.


Polish Filter

Capable of filtration of Virgin Coconut Oil upto 5 microns.