Coconut Fibre

Time to Learn More about Different Types of Coconut Fibres

Coconut coir or coconut fibre is a highly useful substance with different uses. You can find these in various places, from manufacturing coir mattresses to gardening. It is a popular item that is sourced naturally with better longevity.

Fibres according to Colours:

Typically, there are two types of coconut fibres: brown and white. The brown ones are made from matured coconuts, while the white fibres are sourced from ripe immature coconuts. Nowadays, coconut fibre machinery manufacturers have made the obtaining process much easier.

Types of Coconut Fibres Available in Market:

There are different types of coconut fibres that have varied usages. More about these fibres are discussed in this blog. One can find more information primarily about the brown fibres.

Coconut Pith: Coconut pith or peat is the ground version of coconut coir. It is fine and absorbent, making it a suitable growing medium for plants. It can be mixed with soil to offer a better growing medium. However, if coconut peat is used as the sole medium for growth, the root of the plant may get submerged. The gardeners and plant enthusiasts invest a considerable amount of time in selecting the finest coconut pith for their use.

Coconut Fibres: This is the most important by-product of coconut that finds wide usage in various fields. It is not much absorbent, so it is the perfect item to make different items, including coir mattresses. It is the raw form of coconut fibre that needs to be dried before use. Coconut fibre is also an underrated growing medium for plants.

Coconut Chips: The smaller bits and chips of coconut are another by-product of coconut fibre. It looks a lot like expanded clay pellets. They have a solid shape and are unable to be used to manufacture any industrial product. However, a mixture between coconut chips and coconut fibres makes a better growing field for plants. In India, coconut chips are used as a cheap alternative to fuel for cooking. It is popular as incense too.

These are the three primary versions of coconut fibres commonly found in the market. The items are valuable in various industries for their varied usages. Those looking for a way to obtain coconut fibre in bulk should contact a trusted name like Gemtech Projects LLP. They are a well-known name as a Coconut Fibre Machinery Manufacturer. Their team can assist in choosing machinery that matches customer choice perfectly. For more details, one can visit their website today.

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