Desiccated Coconut Powder

Importance of Desiccated Coconut Powder and Its Benefits

Garnishing Indian desserts and curries with desiccated coconut powder is a common sight in every household. However, did you ever wonder about the benefits of using the same? What is desiccated coconut powder? To make desiccated coconut powder, you need to dry out the coconut pieces and remove the moisture from them. In food processing and manufacturing industries, large amounts of desiccated coconut powders are required daily. Hence, these companies use DC dryers to produce large quantities of desiccated coconut powder.

How to use desiccated coconut powder?

When you use desiccated coconut powder, you will find finely grated and unsweetened coconut powder that can be used as a source of topping on confectionary products and other Indian dishes. You can use desiccated coconut powder in dessert dishes and add curries to bring in a flavour of coconut.

Many shops use this powder as a topping on smoothies and salads. For people following diets, adding a little bit of coconut dust to the sauteed vegetables will surely make your diet tastier and healthier.

Health benefits of desiccated coconut powder

Contains dietary fibre

A high intake of coconut powder helps to increase dietary fibre in the body. High consumption of dietary fibre helps prevent problems like stroke, heart disease and blood pressure. It also helps slow down the body’s metabolism rate and makes you feel fuller and satiated for a longer time.

High selenium content

Selenium is another essential mineral found in coconut powder that supports different body functions. Consumption of selenium helps improve the cognition rate and the body’s immunity. It also acts as a source of antioxidants within the body. Desiccated coconut powder has high selenium content, which can benefit your health.

Rich in minerals

Desiccated coconut powder contains high amounts of manganese and copper, both vital for improving the body’s metabolism. Copper present in the desiccated coconut powder helps to improve bone strength as well. Moreover, copper is a vital mineral for people suffering from chronic diseases like Parkinson’s. Hence consumption of the same is beneficial for your health.

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