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What Are the Different Methods of Coconut Processing?

The processing of coconuts is done in the manufacturing units by the experts. It is done for the purpose of selling a variety of coconut products in the market. The manufacturers use advanced machinery like the desiccated coconut dryer to process coconut into edible food items. The value-added items include coconut milk, coconut oil, dried/desiccated coconut, choir and more.

Different Coconut Processing Techniques

The manufacturers rely on the latest varieties of coconut machinery to efficiently process the coconut fruit. It includes the following –

1. Coconut Dehusking

This process involves separating the coconut husk by using the dehusking machine.

2. Coconut Deshelling

In this process, the manufacturers crack the outer shell of the coconut fruit. They do this after dehusking the coconut. The most preferred technique is utilising the coconut deshelling machine, which is well equipped with the latest features.

3. Coconut Pairing

It is the procedure of scraping or removing the brown skin of the coconut after cutting the kernel into pieces. For this, the manufacturers use the coconut pairing machine.

4. Coconut Grinding

At the factory, the experts ground the coconut to a smooth paste which is the desiccated coconut. For this, you can rely on coconut grinding machinery.

5. Coconut Milk Extraction

The experts will squeeze the shredded or grinded coconut to extract milk during the process. For this, they will utilise the coconut milk extraction machine.

6. Virgin Coconut Oil Extracting

The manufacturers extract virgin coconut oil by employing two methods- centrifuge and fermentation. They also use virgin coconut oil machinery.

They use a high-speed centrifuge to segregate the virgin coconut oil from raw coconut milk. In the fermentation method, they keep the coconut milk for 24 hours to ferment it. The process is natural, and the virgin coconut oil floats on the top. Then they will scoop out this layer of the oil and filter it.

Processing of Desiccated Coconut Powder

You can obtain this by drying or shredding the dried coconut kernel after removing the brown testa. The manufacturers will grate the coconut into fine-sized particles, which can be small, medium or coarse grade. It is dried to remove maximum moisture content. This is further responsible for increasing its shelf life. The powder is the kernel of the coconut or the unsweetened fresh meat with a sweet aroma.

The process of making desiccated coconut involves the following stages-

• Dehusking
• Deshelling
• Paring
• Coconut White Meat
• Coconut Meat Slicing
• Blanching
• Draining
• Disintegration
• Drying

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